Obama’s failure to effect a stabilization strategy in Iraq is a disgrace

I agree with those that resist the notion of returning to Iraq in force.  Since we are out, after once being in (for whatever reasons good or bad & even if the end of that war was stability, fragile or not); we shouldn’t be substantially going back in.  However; there is no reason, not to continue to project American power into the region on occasion, or dictate US policy on a limited basis.  Enough to keep containment, which the US has always shown it is capable of doing, very well.  Order must be kept, to some degree.  That’s just an inescapable fact.

As the Neocons are just a faded voice, with Rove & Cheny giving their two cents worth, their experiment of forcing representative, democratic values has shown us all the mindset of a people unable to understand freedom outside their cultural & religious atavism.  However; traditional American projection of power has nothing to do with the Neocons & their actions.  That time-honored US ability, also, has no substantial, inherent cost to anyone, except to those at which it is directed.

However; pulling completely out of Iraq, a component of isolationism, isn’t an option & that is a fact.  Whether Bush’s Iraq War polluted the situation, or not.  In no way, can our residual troops left in SKorea, Japan or Germany be seen as being anything other than a stabilization & bulwark against regression to tyranny.  This is a truth, not relative to history & remembering our profile & successful formulas must be taken into account when considering options for Iraq & the Middle East.  It’s what we should do; it’s what we have done in the past.  Successfully, after ending a conflict well or retreating from chaos.

Though I don’t agree with the mindset, that we should not leave lawless regions of the world unattended, because bad people might find a roof under which to conspire; I do indeed recognize that trouble spots that can effect our & the world’s economic security must be kept in check.  This has always been a core value within US foreign policy.

Obama is failing to perform adequately & he is a documented liar.  I do hope that doesn’t sound shrill; but I’m sure it will agitate those that aren’t consistent in their opposition against Obama.  Who deserves no grace, no gentleman’s end of day handshake & no rest.  His position as head of state demands it.  There is no way that compromise can ever be seen as de rigueur, for all occasions.  The occupant of the White House is a pisspot & a disgrace.  A perfect role model for those that do not understand personal or group responsibility.

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  1. it feels like that Obama is just relaxing (this days). he knows that he didn’t achieve nothing important in the international level and domestically all of his reforms didn’t work so he is cruising the next 2 years until this entire thing is going to end.