Film Review: The November Man (Brosnan, Bracey) Elder CIA agent & younger protege collide

The November Man, with Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko & Bill Smitrovitch.  Director, Roger Donaldson.  Though Brosnan has seen better days & continues to sport an obvious, wiry fur rug on his chest, this venture was an exciting return, if not the best action run around of all time.

Brosnan’s portrayal of an slightly retired CIA operative, relaxing away from the action because of predictable, prerequisite trauma was refreshing.  But only because we haven’t seen him in a big thing for a while.  He was great, because he’s a professional.  As with all these kind of roles, there’s little chance to show too much talent; but his earnestness is one of his trademarks.

With a lesser budget, as befitting a fading star, a fresh face nobody & a beautiful siren, too exotic to place too often; the movie did manage a few great chases & pyrotechnics.  One does need to pay attention, or a detail will be missed; which is a hallmark of today’s spy thrillers.

I did find Bracey to be a bit vacuous.  His casting an obvious reflection of Brosnan’s younger days, in keeping with the film’s focus on everything, Brosnan.  Perhaps he’s seen as a younger version, but I found it to contrived.  After all, totally different personalities & appearances do tend to shake things up & sticking in a baby clone in a bid to pander to a few younger audience members; is useless.  No one younger than forty is purposely going to pay to see this film.

I recommend the film.  It is what it is, an action thriller with Brosnan pretending to be James Bond again.  It’s not so bad & if you can get past staring at frequent, nonsensical closeups of Bracey & focus on how pretty Kurylenko truly is – you’ll like it.

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