Mormons urge Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage

For the Supreme Court of the United States to ignore making a ruling goes against the principles under which it was founded, as an ultimate arbiter of the American Constitution.  If they do not, they are cowards & this divisive issue will continue to eat away at our society.  There must be a decision, either way.

At least, the Mormons & a cabal of other Christian churches have the courage to press the issue.

No one is actually threatening churches to accept what they will not accept.  This is a matter of law & acceptance, recognition between the states.  The liberals, Democrats mainly, have championed the issue of gay marriage; but there must be a response by the court, for the stability of America.

Obviously, some liberals, bleeding hearts & single-issue voters are nervous of the court’s history of ruling on issues of tradition & society; i.e., the flag, prayer as a matter of form & format in official government, or coinage & other imagery traditional to the US.  Just to name a few.

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