Obama postpones his amnesty threats until after the election

After his nervous Democrat (Liberals) colleagues indicated their willingness to distance themselves from him & his policies, Obama has decided to wait until after US midterm elections in November to make good on his threat to use executive action with immigration policy.

However; this blatant political move, typical of his administration’s wish to shield his political party (the Democrats) from his disastrous policies & bumblings has been a two-edged sword.  Angering bleeding hearts who clung to his promise of amnesty for illegal aliens & generating a sneering outcry among half the nation which is conservative.

Jacqueline Klimas reports Mitt Romney’s reaction,

Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee for president, said Sunday that President Obama waiting until after the midterm elections to address immigration reform is a “cynical” and “political” move.

“The president’s saying I’m going to violate the law after the election when what I do will not have electoral consequences,” Mr. Romney said on “Fox News Sunday.” “He’s basically saying he wants to do something the American people won’t like and he wants to do it after the midterms when it won’t have consequences for him.”

If Obama actually does effect amnesty to a swath of the population, which resides within American borders illegally, I would say he would most likely face more than just opposition.  There are rumblings of impeachment & censor.  His using some of these rumors as fodder for Liberal claptrap a month ago, was what it was; but an actual, in your face reason for Congressional attack on his actions would be another matter.  This is my opinion only, predicting the result of any bypass or unlawful activity on his part.

Obviously, I disagree with Romney in that there will be consequences for Obama.  Either way, his penchant for violation & alteration of America’s social fabric, will always have a price.  The most divisive president in modern US history, continues on like Mr. Magoo.

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