Islam is something everyone including conservatives can partially agree with Maher

The clip below is an example of why it’s important to compartmentalize some issues & not automatically slot them into a political platform or ideology.  Though there are some people who are difficult to label, because of their position on the political spectrum – Bill Maher being one – issues are separate (i.e., gay marriage, the worldview of Islam, etc.) from ideology.  When people (e.g., political leaders left, middle & right) try to confiscate & own some of these giant issues; they run into trouble being coherent.  The US Left attempts to use racial issues to bash people that don’t like the religion of Islam.  Yet there is no racism involved in not liking, or being critical of any religion.

It should be noted that the right, generally, takes a stand of “no opinion” on Islam.  A neutral stance, while officially being against violence against people who are Muslim.  A position making it easier to deal with other cultures that are saturated with that religion.  This allows people that like or hate Islam to rest comfortably in their own business.  One of many definitions of “minding one’s own business”.

In the clip, Charlie Rose is having a difficult time.  He is conflicted because he’s been told by Democrat Party ideology center #1 that everything & anything Muslim is okay & anything bad in the Muslim world isn’t really Islam.

The arguments against that religion are absolute & undeniable.  If one doesn’t choose to take a stand or have an opinion on something abhorrent; that is another issue entirely.  I can understand that.  I don’t have an opinion on every single thing on the planet.  Personally; my beliefs, whatever they may be (I don’t broadcast them) aren’t conflicted or threatened by the regard others have for different belief systems, myths & religions.

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