Stream of consciousness: Scottish independence peewee’s big adventure

Updated 0520hrs UTC:  The Scots voted No, on independence.  Looks like the British Isles are full of unhappy bitter people right now.

I’m just thinking that the Scots will vote for independence, with a Yes vote.  I have a feeling about this.  Of course, a big vote like this, which is a single issue, is going to appeal to lower information voters.  Personally; it makes no difference to me or to the US, for that matter.  No one cares & no, it’s not going to set a precedent for other nations.  That’s just an hysterical tangent to veer off on.

Sure, it’s going to be bad for Britain; but really, there needs to be a bit of a shakeup there.  Perhaps, they’ll have to rethink their entitlement culture, welfare state & more.  After all, they’ll be losing a big chunk of their revenue & they have nukes, a navy & foreign protectorates to maintain.

It is a mystery to me why London is just allowing any of this, in the first place.  No country is obliged to allow regions to break off & secede.  It would never happen here in the US & Spain is making it clear their little Catalonia issues aren’t on the table, for the foreseeable future.

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