Film Review: The Maze Runner (Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Aml Ameen) Trapped in the middle of a giant puzzle with fear & dissent

The Maze Runner, with Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Aml Ameen, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter & Blake Cooper.  Director, Wes Ball.  Though the trailers looked enticing, we all know they can lead to a mediocre or terrible film.  I was astounded that this film, which is chock full of early twenty something’s, was excellent, entertaining & well done.  Though flawed with a couple of details which, were I to complain at length, would spoil the film.

It’s the story & the whole production that rescue the homely O’Brien from over the top earnestness & just plain immaturity.  Though he’s not the worst to sprout lately, his portrayal of a young man dumped into the middle of a crisis, in the middle of the maze, amidst a host of Lord of the Flies children; would have been a disaster if not for excellent direction & VFX to distract.  I’m sure, he’ll step up to the plate, sooner or later.  Unless; one of a number of lookalikes excel first to the number one spot for that body type & facial appearance.  If you know what I mean.  Success doesn’t favor sameness.

I really did like the film, surprisingly.  Movies with such a young cast usually appeal only to that age group.  However; this film had the gusto & insertion of maturity; giving everyone something to cheer.  The graphics were superb & not overdone.  No overt predictability or slow downs.

There were unlikeable characters, as well as those who were endearing.  A nice mix, as a background to an excellent sci-fi piece.

I do recommend the film.  It could have been released a month ago to qualify as a valid blockbuster.  But what do I know!

Perhaps the movie will do well enough to merit a sequel.  Then they can actually cast a female role with substantial face time.  Otherwise, it’s a boys’ club, all the way.

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  1. its always great to lower your expectations watching movies that were made for a certain demographic especially when its PG-13. That way you wont be surprised when it turns to be horrible. I guess The maze Runner is one of the few that manages to be entertaining dispute the fact that its rated PG-13