Film Review: Dracula Untold (Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper) Prince takes on eternity to save his people & family

Dracula Untold, with Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon & Charles Dance.  Director, Gary Shore.  The first thing I heard on the radio last night, was a terrible review, on a childish alternative station.  Undeterred, I wanted to see Evans & Cooper.  I was not disappointed.  A superior film with excellent actors, all.

Evans is very human & non-apologetic as Vlad Dracula.  Who deals with a devil to fend off the Muslim Hordes of the day.  His earnest, very English portrayal, of the historical figure morphed to literary legend, was second only to Gary Oldman’s Dracula a couple of decades ago.  Time goes by, so quickly.

The movie was direct & to the point.  Not quite a Lord of the Rings spectacle; but very nearly; with no pause or respite.  The VFX graphics were superb & dialogue between the characters was rationed.  I found Evans & Gadon’s internal controversies to be fascinating & the focus on violence as a way to stop the then, unstoppable.

While Cooper & Dance are secondary figures on the screen their incarnations as devils, each, were admirable & blended nicely – not overtaking – Evans & the plot.

I’m not a big vampire fan.  Preferring zombies & their rot, to the infectious goo of blood.  However; a giant film about the origins of Dracula wasn’t something I would have missed.  The trailers didn’t lie & Evans pulled out the stops to finally get his big, singular role.

I do recommend this film.  Those that laugh at Lugosi & other Nosferatu should be pleased with this one.  Let’s save Mina for last, shall we?  This is the prologue to Vlad’s great modern adventures.

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  1. The movie definitely looked great from the trailer and Evans is somebody who deserves this break, after all he has been around for a while now. Strange that only now he got his chance to shine.