Humans again deal with one of the oldest challenges, NBC reporter fails the test

NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman blames her team for Ebola mishap, not taking responsibility for stupid & foolish actions.  Namely, visiting a restaurant during a period of possible infection.  Putting the lives of many at risk.

Anyone that shifts or spreads blame around is not someone to be admired.  I think human history has ingrained in all humans that you don’t mess around with plagues.  She’s violated this most basic of public survival rule.

Reading about this & elsewhere; I find that these people also have a basic ignorance of just exactly what contamination really is & how to deal with it.  One doesn’t help with washing down vehicles that had transported suppurating, infected bodies; splashing everything around & not expect to get something on the face or skin elsewhere.

You don’t have to be a physician to understand these concepts.

I blame our US experts at the CDC for repeatedly stressing the point that, Ebola is supposedly not airborne.  Any ignorant fool on the planet knows that humans fling around their own fluids, wherever they go.  Sneezing, exhaling vapor (fluid), coughing, talking, spitting.  Interacting with the environment; leaving fluid on drinking glasses, human perspiration on chairs, clothing, etc.

Humans are not contained bio unit.

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