Film Review: Fury (Brad Pitt) WWII tank crew fight the good fight, awesome

Fury, with Brad Pitt, Shia  LaBeouf & Logan Lerman.  Director, David Ayer.  The film is an absolute hit, in my book.  Contrary to naysayers; last week, before general release, who slammed it as not having a plot & for being too grisly.  It’s a war film, set in the last couple of months before Germany’s defeat.  It’s violent.  It’s war.  It was reality.  I don’t know what is so hard to understand about this concept.

No, it’s not a big caper, with laughing troopers, on a daring rescue.  No, it’s not about a crack team, scaling cliffs in order to knock out a secret Nazi installation.  It is set in the hard slog through an enemy’s country, in order to kill the enemy & win a war that’s taken a toll on everyone.

Pitt is superb in this, as a tank commander, in charge of rough men.  I saw more emotion & talent in him, in this movie, than I’ve ever seen previously.  He pushed it & I think he won.  He effectively brought emotion & the evils of the war, to the foreground.  Always liked him; but never before, until now, have I seen him stretch this far, earning his stripes as the big star that he’s already achieved.

LaBeouf was a detriment to the film.  However; not enough to ruin anything.  His continued awkwardness & lack of any real, believable talent is shameful.  It’s a good thing that the rest of the cast, including young Lerman, picked up the slack.  More than compensating for the empty hole, that was LaBeouf’s performance.

The film itself is a blockbuster, giant in every way.  I actually think that it was rather tame, for a war film.  Standard.  Certainly not as gory as a zombie movie.  The special effects were outstanding.  The supporting cast, each fabulous in their own characters & effort to portray tired men, in a bad situation.

Though it’s easy to attack a big star, like Pitt; because some think that any movie that he’s in, is somehow not as creative or innovative as independents or lesser actors – it’s just an ignorant thing to do.  Petty & stupid to sit in judgment on a big name, without a valid reason.

I recommend the film.  I applaud the work that was done to achieve such realism & spectacular special effects.  Depictions of real men, without effeminate melodrama, should always be appreciated.

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    • Pitt’s big ’13 movie was World War Z & the last movie that happened to be about WWII was Inglourious Basterds in ’09, which I didn’t like. Not all his movies are a hit with myself or others. His rabid fans love everything he does & people who obviously despise him, hate everything he does.