When American Democrats (Liberals) claim they believe in individuality, don’t believe it

Liberal-Socialist-Communist ideology, aka the US Democrat Party platform, is based on corruption of the individual & the promotion of big government & the hive mind.

If anyone thinks that all men & all organizations are corrupt, they are incorrect.  Corruption is noted when it becomes the way of doing business in a political party, institution or commercial concern.  So, when arguing the case that Liberals are endemically corrupt & the retort is; that both main parties in the US are equally tainted – don’t believe it.  It’s always the way of the Liberal to distract from defeat, by pointing fingers at everyone & saying, one & all share in human rot & that none of it matters.

I’m a Conservative, unaffiliated with the Republican party.  Though I would never vote or support a Liberal, I cast my lot, at times with like-minded Libertarians & Independents.  Any liberal loss makes me happy.  A policy of mine is to not buy into anything, but support what is best, logical & promotes my country.

I don’t like people that slam America, just for the sake of taking a shot at the big guy.  I’m deeply proud of my country & Constitution &, as a rule, I don’t take shots at other countries & people for no apparent reason as others so with envy & rabid hate for America.

Enemies of the US can point fingers & sneer all they please  It makes no difference to me & to say, at the end of a bad day, that politics & government aren’t important – is a direct cop out.  They are important because of the direct impact on the individual. Something of which many uninformed & unwashed liberals & foreigners are oblivious.

It all comes down to commonsense & the freedom of the individual, when you think about it.  This concept that Liberals are constantly trying to destroy, here & abroad.

I despise liberals. Their lack of tolerance, their busy body-ness & promotion of government overreach make me ill.

So, when a Liberal (US Democrat) mockingly states that they too, believe in individualism.  Don’t believe them.  There are standards that define terms & liberals are so used to their delusions & lies now they have no foothold in reality or comprehension of what they actually believe.

How is promotion & applauding an ever-growing & overpowering government with attempts at restriction of freedoms of speech & expression, defined as individualism?  It is definitely not.  It is the antithesis of the individual, of rugged individuality & personal responsibility.

One more item…  The imposition of the Obamacare Mandate is the ultimate insult to individualism.  An attempt by Democrats to impose a level of socialism on a country that abhors it, as a rule.

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