Within the Republican election wave was a big loss for the prostitute Sandra Fluke & a win for Mia Love

I had forgotten about Fluke’ s campaign; she lost.

I would rather argue, strive & debate within the universe that includes the Republican Party, from my position as a Conservative, than put up with the Democrats & their endless attacks on America.  So, I’m happy without reservation.  The Republicans are my lot, even though they may not be as conservative as we’d like.

We can work with it from here on out.

The cabal I belong to was wondering, last night, what today’s Democrat (Liberal/Communist) reaction would be.  This crying & whining is surprisingly more than I could have hoped.

I’m pleased, especially over Mia Love’s win.  She ran in a Utah district that was dominated by a Blue Dog Democrat for many, many years.  Her race wasn’t a factor in her particular district, it was a good strategy to be located & run from that area, in a state not known for any substantial black population.

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