America voted against Obama’s agenda & policies, not for compromise

Post election rhetoric, by the unethical & liberal-biased, mainstream media has been saturated with words of compromise this & compromise that.  Even though it was perfectly clear that the unpopular president was reduced to his actual size (small) & that America has disapproved of his domestic policies, at the very least.

This president & his Democrat Party (liberals) have done their level best to alter the country & to increase taxes & regulation, instead of focusing on business & the economy in the wake of the Great Recession of 2008.  Yet, even in the face of overwhelming defeat & a major shift of power in the country, as America veered to the right on election day; the Progressives (Communists with a new name), Socialists (the core of the Democrat Party) & Democrats (the overall, low information electorate of the Democrat Party) have all been pathetically speaking in terms of compromise & what exactly the winning Republicans should offer Obama & the permanently out of power Democrats.

All under the auspices & assumption that “something needs to get done“.

What exactly is it that needs to be done?  The solution for every single issue; whether it’s the economy, hysterical climate change concerns or the masses of illegal immigrants that shouldn’t be resident in America or a host of other concerns, is trimming off excess regulation & enforcing existing laws & regulations.  It’s not that difficult to understand, unless you have an agenda to alter the country beyond recognition & reduce America’s standing in the world.

Perhaps it’s all about the inevitable.  The dissolution of the mistake known as Obamacare.  The Democrat’s tax & health insurance mandate which is patently un-American.

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