Film Review: Interstellar (McConaughey, Hathaway & Chastain) Epic ride to another galaxy with emotional & treacherous baggage

Interstellar, with Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, John Lithgow, Michael Caine & Ellen Burstyn.  Director, Christopher Nolan.  After giving it some thought, my consideration of this film is so much better than when I left the theater after enduring almost three hours.  If the old special effect theaters with electric shocks or massive base speakers in the walls were a trip, the length of this film certainly gave the impression that I was experiencing the movie’s character’s time line, a lengthy journey, indeed.

Leading this superb cast, McConaughey was emotional & effective in his portrayal of an astronaut tasked to find another world for humanity’s salvation after over-population & an inability to produce enough food for it causes crisis.  This actor certainly has the ability to immerse himself into his roles & is successful doing so.  Talented & sympathetic to different stories, makes the day for him.

As I noted, the movie is very long.  However; I don’t see how it could have been cropped shorter with such a tale to tell.  The special effects are awesome, tailored to the film.  The expression of mankind’s spirit is overwhelming.  However; a bit of time could have been spent reducing the sound or crafting the story so that one could hear some of the dialogue.  Especially in vital segments where one needed to know who was speaking & interacting during any of the several climactic scenes.

Chastain & Hathaway were also grandiose in this beautiful film.  Their hysteria & sarcasm, bringing a bit of the feminine to an adventure already full of very busy elements.  Each, equally adding substantial drama to the overall melodrama.  More so, than the star himself.

I recommend the film for those who have stout hearts & healthy bladders.  I won’t say that it grows on you because it is as I’ve described.  I do suggest holding off on the judgment meter until after a good night’s rest.  It’s a lot to take in.  Not boring, not really a nail biter, except in a few parts.  It’s an epic, which involves everything & anything one can imagine, dealing with humanity & survival.  It is a thrill & it is a ride.

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  1. McConaughey managed to do 180 shift in the roles he takes now compared to what he used to do ~ 10 years ago. i tend not liking a 3 hour rides but i will have to check out this film, especially after all the hype it got in the last few months.