Iran has a death wish

Iran, of course, is continuing to be idiotic.  Whether to stall for time, hoping to finish up creating a nuclear bomb-making capability for themselves, or hoping to get a big concession out of paranoid & feckless Western negotiators.  Either way, with their latest obfuscations & Israel rattling its sabers; definitely, they do not understand how close they are to annihilation.

The problem is; that they are incapable of understanding the West, the US in particular & are in total denial about Israel’s capabilities in the matter.  Their ethno-centric, Persians-are-supreme mentality is just as ridiculous as Russia, in their failure to understand & react properly to absolute power & authority.  As well as the ultimate consequences of defying the West, which always (always, always) wins in the end.

Even though everyone has made it clear that no substantial invasion will ever happen; Iran seems to think itself safe.  Being completely deaf to the inevitability of being bombed back to the stone age by whoever pulls the first trigger.  They’re a 4th rate power & everyone is savvy to the melodramatic & worthless rhetoric that these Middle Eastern countries vomit out on a daily basis.

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