If you’re white & you mention anything about black on black crime liberal blacks will call you a racist

Liberal whites will jump into the fray on this one also, but most liberal blacks definitely, without understand the meaning of the term “racism”, will immediately label anyone that criticizes a tendency in a race, as racism.  As exampled here where a former mayor of New York City is wrongly insulted, just because he mentioned that Ninety Three percent of blacks killed in America, are killed by other blacks.

In our current social climate, which has been poisoned by the Civil Rights Industry race baiters; it seems that it’s quite alright to discuss whites, but it is anathema to Liberal (Democrat) doctrine to speak any criticism about blacks, whatsoever.  Whether it’s to point out that a majority of this minority are poor or to focus on the obvious saturation of crime in mostly black areas of the country.  Lord save you if you dare to bring up that people standing or loitering around, & are black, usually draw suspicion for good reason & are scrutinized by passing cops.  Looking over your shoulder & acting like you have something to hide is a sure draw for trouble.

However; there is a saving grace for it all.  Nobody cares.  The biggest race baiter, who sits in the White House has seen to that.  His Democrats have also helped us all transition to the point that, racism doesn’t matter anymore, as there are so many race cards flying around that it’s all become a joke.

As for me, I can defend myself & am not afraid to address these issues & am more than capable of throwing race cards right back into the face of Liberals & blacks that think everyone is a dupe.

  • Fact:  in the US, only Democrats (Liberals) & liberal blacks are obsessed with race.
  • Fact:  most everyone else, no longer cares.
  • Fact:  racism isn’t tied to ideology, race or political parties.  There are plenty of racists within the Democrat (Liberals) party.  They just express it differently than any racists who vote Republican.  I lived in Seattle for a quarter century, in Liberal (Democrat) heaven & I know for a fact that Democrats can be just as racist as anyone else.
  • Fact:  the US isn’t any more racist, than any other country on the planet & probably less so as these issues have been addressed ad nauseum.
  • Fact:  Democrats, Liberals & Progressives (communists renamed) are simply & pathetically obsessed with using race as a political agenda.

But, it’s all for naught now, since the Democrats have used up every single race card in the deck.  Sorry, blacks!  When there is actually an incident that actually involves racism; go ahead & blame the Democrats when nobody gives a hot damn.

Perhaps if blacks who swallow Democrat bile, with gusto, addressed their problems among themselves without blaming everyone else; we could all get along nicely.  As I remember, even the thing in the White House mentioned something in this regard to his fellow blacks at the beginning of his reign of ineptitude in ’09, & race baiter, par excellence, Jesse Jackson thought BO was uppity to give his opinion in the matter.

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