Diplomacy has failed it’s time to bomb Iran

Though talks with Iran have been extended since another deadline has come & gone, I think we need to step back & realize that Iran is playing everyone for fools.  Since the beginning of time, the distraction of continual negotiations has always been a ploy by weaker parties, in this case Iran, to allow a greater time period for military preparedness.  It’s a petty child’s game & it’s time to realize that Iran is a child, albeit a dangerous one.

It’s top theocratic leader holds absolutely no cards & continues their ridiculous rhetoric.  Which blithering is always the refuge of totalitarian peoples, caught up in their own delusions of grandeur, while festering in their 3rd world nonsense.

There is no reason for invasion with ground troops, but there is every reason to fill their skies with bombers, taking out each & every one of their nuclear sites & nuclear research sites, even if they are in populated areas.  Tactical US nukes would be the best bet, irradiating these areas for thousands of years, making them inaccessible.

If there is resistance, in the form of military action on US assets in the region, government & cultural centers in Iran’s capital can be vaporized.

Let Iran remember that the US is the only country that has used nuclear devices in a time of war.  In order to bring hostilities to a halt & to save the lives of American soldiers & those of our allies.

The stakes are too high to be weak in this matter.  Iran must be taken out & bombed out of existence as a viable state.  They are vile & they are indeed an enemy of the United States & we are the only remaining superpower on this planet.  America has no peers.

My aim at Iran would be a ring of nuclear strikes, via ICBM’s, ninety miles inside their border, thirty miles apart.  A hit to each of their interior nuclear sites, research or practical centers & a neutron bomb (I know we must have one somewhere) dropped from a respectable height targeting the middle of Tehran.

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    • I dont think that Obama grasps that the Iranians are working to get the nukes. His behavior indicates that he doesn’t really care, he just doesn’t want them to get the nukes while he is the president. if they get them one minute after he steps down he will be fine with that. as long as if the situation wont make him act or do something to create a conflict.