Weak-minded US Senate torture report released

The currently Democrat-run US Senate investigation report is now released, with apparently damning information & revelations.  At least, from a fearful of war perspective.

The AP, via the NYPost reports,

…Treatment in secret prisons a decade ago was worse than the government told Congress or the public, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report found. Five hundred pages were released, representing the executive summary and conclusions of a still-classified 6,700-page full investigation.

I believe the US Democrats think that they literally only have one more chance to effect “change” & that cementing the definition of torture onto what are essentially “harsh” & necessary interrogation procedures is their purpose.  After all, “torture” was a liberal mantra all during the Iraq War.

The reasoning behind all this?  The Democrats might be out of power in the Congress for ten-plus years & only the delusional believe that Hillary will win the White House in ’16.  This is their last chance, before the new year begins, to put an official final straw on the camel’s back after they & their president have blithered about torture for years.  US Liberals/Democrats/Progressives/Socialists do not want the US to be able to use any interrogation, beyond yelling, when needed, when necessary.  They live in a rarefied, hothouse flower, domestic bubble with an unrealistic view of the world’s sharp edges.

People that think the terrorists & detainees would volunteer information, really need to find a shrink.  It’s okay to be a pacifist; but they’re not suited to running & defending a nation.

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