Film Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings (Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton) Disappointing remake of a classic bible epic

Exodus: Gods and Kings, with Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley, John Turturro & Sigourney Weaver.  Director, Ridley Scott.  Though I was expecting a splendid remake of Heston’s Ten Commandments, all I was presented with was a little bit of glory, adequate special effects, VFX, & so-so acting effort, except from Edgerton – who was marvelous & the only one suited to his role.

Bale wasn’t a good fit as Moses, though he does make a great Batman & a superb character in Terminator.  A modern day London hair cut on this actor, in a role that demanded a little more effort visually might have gone a long ways to convince the viewer that Moses was back on stage.  As it was, it was just dress up; as far as Bale was concerned.

While the costumes were fantastic & the story was retold with big names & attention to gilt, this was a draw in my book.  No new, inserted, drama or mighty interactions.  Just Edgerton carrying the film as Ramses.  An excellent actor.  But it’s a big film & one man or woman can’t make it a hit.  That would be impossible, in a Ridley Scott movie.  It was a miss & I don’t recommend it even with the brief appearances by the goddess Sigourney Weaver.

It’s a movie & shouldn’t be held up to the Bible in comparison.  But, it’s a bad film; on its lack of merit.

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  1. Its disappointing to hear, it was promoted as the biggest film that closes the year. Although i never really jumped on that wagon. I think that Scott distorted the film way too much from the core story. Bale is always great, i guess even he slips occasionally.