Regarding Elizabeth Warren…

I just don’t see her as an option for the Democrats & don’t see her bringing in donors to pay for a presidential campaign.  Also, she has as much charisma as a crab cake & with the Senate being controlled by the GOP starting January through the ’16 presidential elections, she won’t have a Democrat Senate Majority to back any voice that she has now.

She doesn’t have a “presence” charisma that every candidate needs except for Vice Presidents running for the big chair & is dividing support between herself & Hillary in a bid for the White House coming off of B.O.’s presidency; which is as bad if not worse, than George Bush’s tenure in office.

The GOP could nominate a potato that has gone to seed & it would win.  The Democrats know it, just as much as the GOP knew that anyone up front after Mr. Bush’s presidency was a sure loser; so they picked John McCain, Mr. Delusional.

What does need to be done, successfully, in the next two years is that the GOP Congress needs to perform for those that elected them in an overwhelming win.  So, that they return to power as majorities in ’16, with a GOP president, whoever that might be.  They’re not making a good start with throwing their spending power down the toilet until September 2015.

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