Film Review: The Interview (Franco & Rogen) No frivolous comedy, this has teeth

The Interview, with James Franco, Seth Rogen, Randall Park, Lizzy Caplan & Diana Bang.  Director, Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen.  I know a lot of people really wanted to see this, expecting something less than good.  To see it, in response to attempts to censor a film aimed directly at tyranny.  After recent hacking incidents at Sony Pictures, I admit to being one of these, yet I found this film to be a sharp & an adept film.

Franco doesn’t have to stretch to be funny & the actor is excellent in his portrayal of a vacuous entertainment news interviewer, who finds himself on a mission to kill the oppressive dictator of a closed, Communist Asian country.  An adequate character actor, who obviously & luckily did well, as his film takes center stage in world politics.  At least, briefly.

The movie has quite a bit to recommend it.  Well written, with a violent mixed bag of emotions & content.  A big production that starts out horrifyingly slow but picks up in the middle with more than a few shock value scenes & action.  I found the visuals expressive of what is obviously North Korea’s nightmarish world, with Park well placed as a personification of evil.  Reflecting reality, rather than fiction.

I recommend the film; & as always am fascinated with Rogen’s success in being an everyman, who guides a film to strange success – or, at least, moderate breaking even levels.

The amount of graphic violence is quite refreshing & welcome in a film that’s not just a comedy.  It’s a mixed bag.

Randall Park & Diana Bang are each marvelous talents, by the way.

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    • Sony announced Tuesday that they were going to release it via streaming services & otherwise on Wednesday & many select theaters in the US are to show it Thursday, Christmas Day.
      Yeah, it’s out there available for the planet now. North Korea has been thwarted & the publicity from the attempt to intimidate an American company, which is a subsidiary of a Japanese conglomerate – has failed.

    • Ok, i didnt know that. I heard that Sony announced that it wont release it. I guess i wasnt updated

    • Yes, it was a surprise on Tuesday after a week of them saying they weren’t going to release it. Also, it’s a busy time of the year.
      There’s some good action in the film.