Brian Williams fate nearly sealed

Ultimately, there are two things at play here.  The built in hatred for a biased journalist by the Right & the even larger clouds of liberal vultures that are circling Williams either because when a throne is vacated whole castles get shaken up, making positions available for those waiting in the wings.

The target?  A serial exaggerator who wanted to be seen as an adventurer telling his story, instead of an objective observer & reporter.  Someone who’s embellished & lied in order to make himself seem exciting.  Someone who is exciting, by nature.
He’ll be taken down.

At this point, his stupidity literally has a life of its own.  It’s one of the biggest stories out right now & it was a mistake to take time off.  Obama & Hillary have shown that lying & keeping up appearances is the way to go.  Brian is failing Democrat Party rules in the How to survive a Lie chapter of their playbook.

NBC wants to keep him because he struck a neutral presence & was the perfect newsreader.  Even more so than Brokaw.  Williams was the perfect general; but, there’s a reason why the head of an army stands back with his binoculars to direct his minions.

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