America’s secular government

America is not a secular dictatorship.  However; its government is secular & was crafted that way & while I’m not an atheist, keeping religion off my sleeve, I find it best to delineate a little perspective, every so often.

Just because I insist on following the Constitution in the matter, doesn’t mean I have anything against religion; & I may not like a particular religion here or there, but that doesn’t mean I wish to restrict them.  As long as they’re not foreign cultural influences that clash with our Western values.

I like & enjoy the traditions of our government & the inclusion of peripheral Christian prayers & references that reflect the time our nation was founded, which also mirrors a substantial number of the people today, who are governed under our American system.

It’ s not acceptable to quiz a prospective politician whether they believe in human evolution & it’ s not acceptable for a politician to govern or legislate using his religion, other than the moral values he might adhere to as a result of his faith.  No one wants to be governed according to the tenets of someone else’s religion.

Our Founders had these concepts in mind, when creating our republic & one should think twice before disparaging phrases like, “freedom from religion”, because it’s this very essential separation that gives us religious freedom.

America is not a Soviet-style, oppressive, secular state & I don’ t wish to be subject to other religious sects.  This is my delineation of what exists today in the US.

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