Thoughts on America’s two-party system

The two-party system in the US is only viable if the electorate supports it, but I think it’ s too soon for it to break apart on its own unless there’ s a Reagan-esque candidate, or otherwise charisma-filled gent or lady that has the courage to stand as independent or with a lesser party.

There are just too many far left liberals that adhere, out of fear, to central Democrat Party dictates & as many conservatives on the right that don’ t want to be left out in the cold during debates – to constitute a possible coup.  An abundance of Republican Party civilians that are proud to be GOP while denouncing the defining leadership as “ rino’s”, is also a factor.

There needs to be an example of actual leadership by a definite conservative, who isn’t going to barrel ahead into war in a ridiculous place or fumble & bumble his sentences; to refurbish the GOP into a right of center party.

Grabbing power in the GOP is the best bet.  Somehow.

It’s up to a prospective candidate to do a Scott Walker, now, & get elected. Him, or someone else.  However; it’s incumbent upon everyone to remember that people vote for whomever they please & no one is forced to support anyone, in any party.

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