Crosses thrown over as more cemeteries in France are desecrated

When you have an population of immigrants & even their children, who haven’t been integrated into a culture, there’s going to be problems.  Guaranteed.  This is a major failing of the former colonial powers of Europe, especially at this time in France.

We all know who is desecrating these graves, in a petty attempt to scare the Jews out of France.  Muslims from North Africa & the Middle East.  Of course, Europeans aren’t going to spell it all out in all its stark reality.  They don’t want to admit it, because it doesn’t follow their image of a country filled with immigrants & nationals, everyone getting along with each other.  In other words:  delusion.

If the Jews start thinning out, moving to Canada (Montreal) & Israel, the ethnic French will turn on the Moslems.  It’s France’s fault for allowing all this to happen.  Unintegrated Islamics.  Did they think it was just automatic?  In the US, we have Chinatowns in all our big cities full of generations of people that have never integrated & when they go on vacation they go to Asia!  People don’t automatically integrate unless they’re a few, plopped into a giant bowl of the many.

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