Establishment politicians & those that follow their coronation of a particular candidate are the greatest danger in losing an election

The first big example of mucho bucks not necessarily being an issue is Ross Perot, his massive media blitz & his equally substantial loss.  However; if a candidate has a cogent & logical campaign platform to communicate, that appeals to the actual population, then money is a factor when someone else with an equally logical, within an ideological parameter, can’t yell loud enough to be heard.

But, I’m not someone that supports or supported limitations of money in an election.  It’s a gamble for those that donate, literally.  I will say, that media bias is over-rated.  It does account for some, but not all, of the reasons people vote as they do.

If big money donations hadn’t gone to the Establishment Coronation candidate Romney, they wouldn’t have lost a dime.  The money should have backed the candidate that people actually supported, whoever that was.  After all, it’s not the party that elects the candidate, it’s the people.  I’m not sure why the Establishment can’t figure this out.

There was a vast swathe of GOP & Conservatives who didn’t vote, because the Establishment picked Romney.  The same kind of people as myself, who will not support Jeb Bush & who will abandon everything if he is indeed the party pick.  Care in listening should have been taken in ’12.  Listening now, will inform anyone that cares to notice, that Jeb is not a good idea & will not be supported by an even larger block than those that opted out of ’12.

From stupid to smart, to the retarded fringes – people use a vast combination of factors in their support of an individual.  I threw in my lot with Romney & got on board his train in ’12.  I knew it was a risk & knew that other candidates were better, popular picks. Romney was Mormon, was Establishment with Honor, choreographed Romneycare & wasn’t clever enough to appeal (from his position as a patrician) to the middle class.  My decision was based on the knowledge that he is/was a fixer & honored/honors any deal he makes to the voter.  I liked his promises & knew that he would keep them.  Yet he was the wrong choice.

The Establishment will lose again, if they ignore the voters.

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