Democrat & some Republican hysteria over a partial shutdown of DHS

There are some conservatives who are blaming conservative Congressmen for a possible shutdown of the DHS next week & a possible loss to the Democrats in 2016.  Just because the liberal-biased mainstream media is trying to pound Republicans for using their Constitutional right to the power of the purse, in not funding Obama’s illegal, illegal immigration, executive actions in the current bill which fully funds the Department of Homeland Security without funding Obama’s immigration violation.

I don’t accept this as reality.  The last shutdown, which really wasn’t a shutdown, didn’t hurt the GOP & the only people that listen to liberal media nowadays, believing it, are Liberals & worthless independents who go where the wind blows on a daily basis.

It’s not right that any of the coequal branches of government give up their power to another.

It’s this attitude that thwarts potential Reagan’s & other conservatives from ever coming to the fore.  It’s a matter of communication. Why oppose anything if the fear is of the liberal media & liberal opinion.  It’s weakness!

We even see a Congressman King (GOP) who’s saying, that not funding Homeland Security is precarious because of our security situation & the state of the world after 911 (paraphrased).  Therefore; according to this kind of logic, there would never any reason for Congress to use its power & it would be expected to rubber stamp everything that comes out of the Executive Branch.  Which is not the way our country was designed.

If one is full of fear, paralysis sets in. Speaker Boehner is finally seeing this now & doesn’t have a choice today but to support the action that, a bill was passed & that’s what’s available for DHS funding.

Since when is conservatism something that will lose an election!  This is why we get milquetoast Romney’s & bumbling fools for candidates, out of the Republican corral.

I support the Tea Party Movement, but am not an activist.  I am a conservative in every sense of the word.  I’m not addicted to shaking hands & compromise, especially when it’s apparent that all that’s good for is losing elections & losing the country to liberal free-for-all BS.

Compromise(d) was never a good word or a good thing to be.  But it’s become one under Liberal dictates.  It’s what one does, if one is out of power.  Not when one holds power in both Houses of the US Congress.  There is no need for compromise because there is absolutely no need for the Government to continue making laws & regulations, every day of the week.  If a park shuts down, so the hell what!  People adapt & why the consensus among “moderate conservatives” seems to be that everyone needs to compromise so that Liberals can get their way, is absolute nonsense.

Yet, at the same time, I hear disappointment & fear from Republican moderates that the country is going down the tubes or that Hillary will be the next president. Which is utter bunk!  I’m out of breath with all this!  What’s the point in even insisting on the historical precedents of the US Constitution!

The Conservatives in Congress where elected for a particular reason & Mr. Boehner’s figuring it out, this time around. It’s time for the rest of the GOP & jackass fence sitters to give it some thought.

There is absolutely no chance that shutting down part of DHS is a problem & it doesn’t shut down anything else that is subordinate to that holding company, which is the best way to describe DHS.

The source of the dispute is broadly based & the main fuel to disapproval of the White House includes more than just the immigration issue.

  • Immigration overreach, out of the White House with the imprimatur of prosecutorial discretion is unconstitutional & a violation of law,
  • Obamacare is unconstitutional despite jackass Justice Roberts betrayal & clever description of it as a tax,
  • Multiple White House decisions to not enforce, broadly, certain laws of the land.

Who is supposed to oppose this officially?  Civilian rhetoric & conservative media can only go so far to influence those we elected to oppose Obama & it is the duty of a Congress to audit & reign in the Executive Branch, using its powers.

Moderate Republicans are shocked about Obama’s various scandals & overreaches yet fighting these violations is a bad thing to them.  Because the government needs to be running at full capacity at all times!  Good grief.

Moderates hesitantly cave into &/or promote “immigration reform”, whatever that’s supposed to be, because they know a couple of nice Illegal Aliens!  There’s nothing wrong with immigration law & there is everything wrong with not enforcing immigration law & No One Has A Right to Citizenship.  It is granted, under the laws of the land.

When I think of the immigrants that I’ve known, who have gone through the process to gain citizenship, I could scream at those that think that a illegal down on the corner, who sells bagels deserves to be a citizen, as a reward for breaking our laws.

If violations to the framework of the US is continued & if the SOTU continues to give these violations a pass, then there is no America in our futures.  Just a fragmented republic, where everything goes, nothing is sacred & past freedoms as codified in the US Constitution are gone.

This is America.  It’s not Canada, Russia or Mexico.  Apparently; for Liberals & moderate Republicans, it’s important for other countries to maintain their identity & borders, but it’s not for America.  It’s okay for blacks & other ethnic majorities in other countries to rule but it’s not okay for ethnic European Americans to rule in the US.  I’m being sarcastic, but my views & my anger is valid.

I’m not going to take it anymore, from Republicans, without saying something.

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