America holds all the cards & Iran is the enemy, there’s no reason to negotiate

The US is the world’s sole superpower & Iran is a 3rd rate theocratic dictatorship, which is an avowed enemy of America.  The undeniable reality is why no one, least of all the Obama Administration, should be attempting to coddle the mullahs & puppet president of Iran.  Just to stop them from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

PM Netanyahu’s speech today highlights this for me & I am astounded, yet again, that Obama doesn’t understand these basics & is unable to use American power to dictate terms to Iran.

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  1. I have to admit, albeit grudgingly, that your president Obama is an absolute clot. As you know I don’t agree with you all the time but Obama’s attitude towards Israel is shocking. You are correct about Iran – what a pity you have so many more years of this man.

    • I welcome the polite comments of liberals such as yourself, especially when they see obvious stupidity. Yes, CLOT is an apt description! We do have more than our share of idiots here who love flowery promises & empty rhetoric.