Leftists that hope disaster brings on rebellion are ignorant of reality versus Conservatives who hope for a new day

Left wing activists, nutcakes & socialists who advocate revolution to replace American freedom, have never understood America.  If they had actually read something (anything), they would have found that the US government is ultimately firm & dependable.  A revolution here would require a complete breakdown of society, in a nation where the government has one fail safe after another & people are compartmentalized as a backup plan.

For those who expect implementation of conservative principles, it’s best not to harbor any illusions over the GOP.  They’re useless, but when the momentum of society & established schedules & institutions favor the continued existence of the two main American political parties, there is very little choice but to metaphorically drink from the fountain of youth & wait another couple of centuries for further parties to ascend to the fore.  After all, nobody is forcing anyone to vote for someone that belongs to a particular party.  So they exist, free & clear.

However; I do continue to advocate the takeover of the GOP by the Conservative faction.  Which actually is a possibility.  But it’s up to those particular politicians to effect.

You see, because of our system, our government & our founding; volunteerism has made the structure of our society akin to everlasting Roman cement; settled & almost immovable.  Therefore, the two parties have evolved into stable governments of their own, within the past two centuries & within our own system of governance.  They are unofficial, not Federalized & are each independent.  If one wanted a different reality, the best tack to take would be to spend energies on a Conservative takeover to remake the GOP into something that it never really was – conservative.

As you see, I do have hope for the future.  But it will take time for new & existing Conservatives to replace GOP leadership.  The Republican Party needs to change the GOP from agenda-only driven to ideology-based.  The time frame for this needed alteration is up for grabs, but it does need to happen, as there is no ideological difference between the GOP & the Democrats.

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