Film Review: Chappie (Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman) Interesting if you can stand rubbish up to your eyeballs

Chappie, with Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman, Ninja, Signorney Weaver, Yo-Landi Visser & Jose Pablo Cantillo.  Director, Neill Blomkamp.  This is my favorite sub-genre of science fiction:  robot rights.  Though the story wasn’t exactly about the rights of sentience, it was close enough & it was indeed an excellent example.  Though not to the point that I teared up.

Copley was spot on as a robot police operative in Johannesburg, who achieves self-awareness within his artificial intelligence & is born again as a thinking person.  I can’t say enough about Copley, who has to be one of the most interesting character actors in the business.  His aptitude for becoming his role is superb & he’s always, always believable.

 The film is set in a near future Johannesburg, South Africa that is saturated with violence & crime.   Virtual special effects, in this movie, are focused in the robots which really does give more than a bit of realism.  A little bit, going a lot way in the visual.  Slight of hand & all that.  The back alley, decrepit locations are enough to indicate the underworld of crime & poverty; to the point that it’s almost intolerable.  However; this is the story & it’s not about penthouse apartments with people & things that are upset with trivia.

Jackman’s supporting role as a the villain is well-done, but one notes he’s much more suited to roles when he’s wearing his hero hat.  He’s not the lead, but recognizable.  Standing out as a distraction as much as Weaver does as a supporting character.

I recommend the film.  It’s very local South African which takes the viewer out of his box & into issues which are slightly different than what is familiar & a quick search indicates that Copley is indeed South African.  Did he do right, by his homeland.  I think so.

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    • Well, it sort of had the same exact feel, now that you mention it. I didn’t want to be rude to Chappie, but was a little disappointed. It could have been better.
      Same director.