The foolishness of overestimating the harpy, Hillary Clinton, I’ll tell you what difference it makes

The foolishness of overestimating the harpy, Hillary Clinton, I’ll tell you what difference it makes

Hillary & the US Democrats, Liberals, each believe she’s the anointed queen.  Sort of, in the way that no one of substance ran against Senator McCain in the ’08 Republican primaries.  I vividly remember there were a lot of Republicans that thought Establishment-politician McCain had a shot at the presidency.  He never did & I never thought he had a chance, whatsoever; being just after Bush’s war disasters & also that he wasn’t & is not now a conservative that pisses off a lot of Republicans & Conservatives alike.

When I hear Republicans express their views that think Hillary has a more than good chance as the presidency, I usually try to keep my mouth shut now.  She doesn’t.  Not only does she have more baggage than McCain & Obama combined but she has angered more people, to a greater degree than did George W. Bush.  Besides, Hillary just isn’t an attractive candidate on any level.

It’s just that the people that were pushing for her before the majority of Democrats dumped her for Obama; are still around & the liberal-biased media assumption has swung in her direction.  Giving the Hillary universe a inevitability that it doesn’t have in reality.  But it doesn’t matter what the Liberal media says anymore.  We’ve already learned that lesson & Conservative media is now exclusively referenced for news & opinion, by the Right.

Most of us understand this, but not all.  There are still a bunch of insulting worry warts that are pining away that “Hillary will be the next president”.  The very same Republicans that often join Democrats in calling Conservatives “extreme”.  Because they’re willing to use the power they have to effect their goals.  Giving it a good try, for good or bad.

The clock is ticking, in my book, & if elections are bumbled & sabotaged by the GOP Establishment in ’16, I’ve previously said that I’m out, for good.  I mean what I say.  The ship won’t be getting to port & it’ll be every man for himself.  I’m just sick of the hysteria in the Center Right about Hillary & it goes without saying that the Socialist/”Progressive”/Democrat Left’s ridiculous non-realities make me want to vomit.

If the squishy Republican faction thinks it’s okay to support Jeb or Christie, so be it.  They can all go to hell & wonder how they got there.

While I may not be an ideologue (a derogatory term), I do have ideals, principles & an ideology that I follow without distraction.  But it’s no use being a lone wolf when a team is needed to right the wrongs & coax the country back onto the path that our Founders set.

An observation.  The reason why the pretend social justice warrior & intolerable rodent Senator Warren isn’t running for ’16?  She knows very well how easily the Left can be distracted & is doing her part for the limited Democrat chances at keeping the White House.  After all, Hillary was the main event, until Senator Reid selected & interviewed Obama for the stage show; & if Warren were to run now, it would ensure a landslide for the GOP in ’16.  As it is, staying put, guarantees that – only a clear win for the GOP is effected.

James Carville & the other sharp Democrats & pundits know all this.  However; they’re currently playing the “saying so, makes it so” game, hoping for an upset from a possible Republican collapse, over something stupid.

While I maintained that the Civilian Right that didn’t vote for Romney in ’12 was petty & wrong, I’ve since seen the error of my ways & won’t be supporting, voting, or discussing Jeb into office.  Nor will I ever entertain the thought of giving the ridiculous non-personality & frequent gaffe-artist Ben Carson more than a quick glance & if they actually run a woman she’d better be a conservative & not a female version of Jeb or McCain.

Jeb Bush, W’s younger brother, would definitely not be a good president, as there really is little difference between him & the Democrats.  Christie is totally New Jersey & they’re generally imbecilic in every way, compared to the rest of the nation (sorry, don’t take it personally, Jersey peeps).  Literally, living in lala land, on a daily basis, concerned about their massive taxes but unwilling to do anything about it & overly proud to focus on personal appearance, pimps & cheap dollar fifty whores.

After listening to Jeb, I can see why the Bush family pushed George W. instead of the whining, anti-conservative Jeb Bush, in the first place.

There isn’t a lot of difference between Jeb & Hillary; except that Hillary is a notorious shrew & Jeb isn’t necessarily a bad guy.  But, getting all wobbly over Hillary means an effort is wasted in picking the best candidate to govern according to the Constitutional traditional values & undo the damage done by Barack Hussein Obama.

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