Stream of consciousness: new Senator Cotton gives his initial oratory & our ruminations on GOP weakness

Senator Cotton’s first oratory to the Senate of the American Republic.  A fine job, rough around the edges with excellent content. With a little coaching from a professional he’ll get over the stiffness & bobbing head thing.  I like him, a lot.  He could make a fine senior leader one day, even a future president, once we get over this period of Republican backsliding & spineless winnowing.

He owned his topic & gave a good effort.  He’s not a robot & I appreciate Senator McConnell’s words in conclusion.  There is indeed camaraderie within the GOP, which is vital & I’m glad Cotton chose or had the opportunity to ascend to the Senate, rather than the lower House.

Cotton is a patriot in every sense of the word & for those of you who unjustly label him (& his cohorts) an extremist; I think you’re the lowest form of subhuman.

On another matter, I didn’t realize that so many of the cabal that I belong to, take the Establishment GOP view of things & am giving a couple of souls a lot of slack; it not being my place to educate people.  However; my respect level has plummeted quite a bit, for several, especially for those that think it’s wrong for either House of Congress to press their own constitutional authority & those that forget that we have coequal branches of government, per the US Constitution, & that shaking hands with the opposition isn’t a good idea when they’re altering America beyond all recognition.

I don’t like capitulation & cowardice.  Nor do I admire the US Republican Establishment & their dupes who feel defeat is inevitable. The fearful lose & so do the self-righteous.  Every single time.

Regarding Governor Scott Walker; he has an animus that wasn’t developed in the static & staid Establishment GOP, which has never supported him.

The GOP isn’t the only game in town & neither is the Liberal Mainstream Media.  Being fearful of it now is ridiculous.  The Conservative Media; Foxnews, Newsmax, conservative blogs & radio, just to name a few, is a behemoth now!  More than just countering Liberal Scum & their ideology of weakness & enslavement to the state.

When I hear Establishment supporters getting all wobbly over Hillary & the fiction that she’ll be president, I can’t exactly say in polite company how I feel or describe in detail the gagging reflex & the uncontrollable laughter that I experience. ..without offending those of frail disposition.

As it is right now, Walker is a superstar who is eclipsing the Establishment & SenatorCotton has more than just defended his letter to Iran.  Which letter was rightfully sent, for a very specific reason.  Those Republicans & their dupes, who have backed away or vilified it, are absolute fools.

Senator Rubio won’t have a chance at Walker, who is now the frontrunner unless he stumbles.  The Establishment & its supporters are going to see a decline in their power, I predict.  The cause?  Ineptitude & cowardice in the face of stupidity & non-threats.

After all, who in their right mind would think that Hillary, with all her baggage, her sleaze & her constant, unattractive tone has even a shot at the White House!  Not even the US Democrats do at this point, according to the blithering coming out of NPR & the Liberal Press.  She is not anointed by them.  They’re in a scramble & are (maybe) thinking that extremist, faux native American & third rate populist Senator Warren is their gal of choice.  The Liberals are in disarray & some of us don’t see it?  I’m thinking it’s some sort of consequence that might be named Romney-Loss Syndrome.

However; I leave cowards behind, so I don’t care to waste time on continued analysis of fools & those that I find amusing & weak.

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