Jeb is delusional, period

Jeb is not opposed to tax increases, thereby supporting the possibility & this rationale is exactly why Jeb is a jackass.  Just like his father.  The mindset that it’s okay to add one more tax onto the pile makes me want to vomit. It’s also a mindset embraced by Establishment Republicans, as if it’s okay.

I’ve even heard Establishment Republicans say that it was okay to raise taxes on gasoline when it was down a few weeks ago.  It’s that kind of thinking that defines what wrong with America.  The drip, drip, drip erosion of life in our country.  There is definitely enough revenue coming in right now for all the states’ & the Federal Government’s needs.  More than enough & this is the difference between a Conservative & an Establishment Republican.  A stark difference indeed & using budgets to say otherwise is an outright lie.  Liberals & a substantial number of Republicans are trying to say him in.  Touting, creating polls of Republicans who support him. One poll was even saying that most Utah Republicans want him, even though populations wanting anyone at this point is non-existent & pointless.

Jeb’s supporters are jumping the gun because they know Jeb doesn’t stand up to even an absurd & possible Trump run.

Jeb is not a conservative, doesn’t claim to be one & sees Conservatives as his enemies, rightfully so, because they are opposed to him.  What idiot, in his right mind, would think he has a chance of winning, while opposing conservatives?  He has publicly said these things.  Yet because he stands up tall & mouths second rate presidential drivel some Republicans think he can make a go of it.

He is a classic example of being a total product of his immediate environment.  Myopic & limited.

I know delusion is part of politics & is why we see people shelling out the doe on worthless runs.  But this position by Jeb has to be the most ridiculous yet.  Didn’t we just have a big, fat Mitt loss recently & determined that it was because of voter laziness & because Mitt’s history with pandering to healthcare socialists & a having non-conservative profile?  Now, I know politics is a crap shoot sometimes, but this is ridiculous.  Anyone that thinks Jeb is a good idea is just a waste of time, in my book & I have heard people touting him as someone “who would be a good president”.

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