China is building up its cyber warfare program & their theft of US intellectual property continues

As China continues to aggressively threaten their neighbors, attempting to confiscate islands that belong to others & restrict travel & fishing in the seas around them, that don’t belong to them alone; they build up their cyber warfare capability & continue the theft of US corporate intellectual property.

Adm. Mike Rogers, head of the U.S. Cyber Command, testified that cyber threats are “pervasive” and adversaries growing in sophistication.

“Our military networks are probed for vulnerabilities literally thousands of times per day,” Rogers said at a Senate hearing March 19. “The very assets within our military that provide us formidable advantages over any adversary are precisely the reason that our enemies seek to map, understand, exploit and potentially disrupt our global network architecture.” Cyber attackers seek not only to disrupt military action but also “to establish a persistent presence on our networks,” Rogers aid. “Quite simply, threats and vulnerabilities are changing and expanding at an accelerated and alarming pace in our mission set.” Rogers said the sophistication of cyber attackers includes nations that are attempting to “confuse our attribution ability by creating different relationships” in cyber space.

The AP reports,

President Barack Obama on Wednesday created the first-ever sanctions program to penalize overseas hackers who engage in cyber spying and companies that knowingly benefit from the fruits of that espionage, potentially including state-owned corporations in Russia and China.

All in all, China is not an innocent party & their mindset is, that they’re trying to equalize the corporate & military playing field; as if they have a right to steal secrets & property to do so.  They don’t have that right.  It’s called theft.

China is without honor.

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