Here is my last word on the matter of gay weddings & cakes: my personal clarification & supreme opinion

Christians right & left don’t need protection of their feelings under a law & gays don’t need to have everyone forced into acceptance.  If you’ re providing commercial, for-profit services, you need to not discriminate when doing business.  Otherwise, everyone with their precious myths & superstitions will be refusing everyone else in a number of ways, since Christianity is composed of several sects, in the US, who disagree with each other on almost everything.  Left gays need to be told publicly that getting everyone on board the rainbow train isn’t going to happen.

The Indiana governor didn’t provide leadership or communication in any of this, in a comprehensive way.  Which was needed.  The clueless pizzeria owner (?) just stands there, the victim of her own inability to be quick on her feet.

Catering a gay wedding is not involvement or acceptance of a lifestyle, it’s called providing a service for a fee.  If one doesn’t want to do these things, one shouldn’t be in business providing a service to the public, for a price.

Only an idiot refuses service to someone else & supporting & coddling Christians who live in the 21st century but don’t want to admit that there are gays on the planet & gays that want to get married, is equally moronic.

My comment on a gay conservative site, filled with self-righteous bible thumpers & pompous asses:

..& yet, this whole wedding cake business has been started by Christians who think that codifying their substantial majority in the US is necessary to protect themselves from the realities of doing business in the real world.

I’m not anti-Christian but when everyone gets a wild hair up their patoots it turns into a ridiculous circus.  So you can point fingers & start a witch hunt, oh I’m the bad guy because I’m not singing onward Christian soldiers, all you want.  Doesn’t matter to me.

What I usually find is, piously obsessed Christians think that all conservatives have to be on board with their projects & crusades.  Not so.

I’ve said my peace, tried to bridge things with a bit of commonsense & I didn’t expect acceptance or commonsense response.  I didn’t get any.  I did get a revelation though, that the gays here love to shoot themselves in the foot.  Go ahead, don’t find the middle ground in an issue where a middle ground is necessary.  Cling to your bibles & to your hopes that straight conservatives will accept you, in all ways, because of your mimicry.

Not even the Log Cabin GOPers are on board with this kind of nonsense.

I’m a conservative & I’m comfortable in my own skin without anything to prove.  There are factions within the conservative movement & within the GOP.  There’s room for everyone, EXCEPT anti-business jerks & old-fashioned bigots.

So you can get all huffy & self-righteous in your indignations.  You’re not defending anything accurately or even able to communicate what it is you’re trying to say.

Keep shooting that foot.  Thanks!

At the end of the day, it needs to always be a conservative thing to be pro-business, because the business of America has always been business.  Creating a false narrative, in response to left-wing false narratives, achieves absolutely nothing but chaos & a bucket full of self-righteousness.

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  1. I saw your comment on that gay conservative website, and absolutely agree with you. In all that hoopla, I doubt most of those people realized that even though they refuse to do gay weddings on religious grounds, gay florists and stylists just made a killing off of them this week. Why? Because Easter Sunday.

    • Thanks for your comment. I’ve had it with that site. I’m usually supportive of Christians but I’ve reached my limit. I’ll just keep my mouth shut but no more support from me. Not everyone on that gay site is illogical, though.

      Easter is a big money maker & hypocrites are going to make a lot of cash while pretending to boycott whatever opposite side.

    • Oh, I forgot to say that after my last comment on that site (Gaypatriot) & never went back, but I can well imagine the continued bile that spewed out. I got in my last word, then left. ;-)
      I’ve gone the rounds with them before. I’m conservative, I’m not necessarily a supporter of bible thumpers & this particular group on that site specialize in pretending to be on board with ALL of the conservative grandstanding. Every single issue. As if there is only one faction in the GOP or conservative camps.