Rolling Stone finally retracts their rape fiction

So, this is over.  Rolling Stone finally retracting their BS.  Is it a coincidence that this happens after last week’s Law & Order SVU episode that used this as inspiration?  Maybe.  They’re all saying their sorry, but they all focus on some sort of young white man’s rape culture BS as a “real” problem that has been harmed by this fiction.  It’s all about attacking white males.  Again. However; things balance out & a majority will eventually punish liars.

Newser reports,

The magazine took the action after a report from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism detailed the flawed editorial process that led to the article. “The failure encompassed reporting, editing, editorial supervision and fact-checking,” says the critique, which asserts that the “journalistic failure” could have been avoided. Rolling Stone asked for the independent review after other news media organizations exposed flaws in the November article, titled “A Rape on Campus.” By Dec. 5, Rolling Stone apologized and acknowledged discrepancies in the article. A four-month police investigation produced no evidence that the attack occurred.

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