Film Review: Woman in Gold (Mirren & Ryan Reynolds) A dry topic turned into an adventure

Woman in Gold, with Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes, Tatiana Maslany & Max Irons.  Though I was prepared for a boring but important film this effort managed to convey excitement, combining the past & present.  Highlighting art originally stolen from Jewish families in Europe by the Nazis & their reluctance to return the treasures to their rightful owners.

Mirren shines intensely as a descendent of one of old Europe’s Jewish families, campaigning to have a beautiful work of art along with a few others returned to her, it’s rightful owner.  I believed her character & not once did I remember that she is British.  Her humanity was apparent & the tendency to portray these people as super-human was avoided.

The film was a globe-trotting wonder, with a more than adequate performance by Reynolds as a family friend assisting her in the endeavor, from Los Angeles to Vienna.  Reynolds’ Clark Kent character, a young lawyer conflicted with the monetary value of the art & the reality of ownership; was well done.  A good actor.

I do recommend the film.  It’s toggling back & forth from Nazi Austria to the present, exaggerating a simple flight from danger & the terror of a segment of a population targeted & reviled by its neighbors & friends, is admirable as a plot device.

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