Political cornering, conservative outlook, first installment

Political cornering, conservative outlook, first installment

After Rubio’s official GOP response to the State of the Union Address a few years ago with his sippy cup incident, I could see he wasn’t ready for prime time.

These are politicians & since everyone is human I don’t distinguish these people as scum or saints, any more so than civilians.  But a leader, who’s given a substantial salary & elected by the people, needs to have a little grace & good manners.  Unless he’s identifying himself as a legitimate hayseed who was raised in a barn.

Cruz has been able to become more than his race & gender, visually & since no one expects previous accomplishments to tout as experience & trophies in order to achieve the White House I’m inclined to go for him at this point, as frontrunner & a big name. Unless someone better comes along.

Closer inspection of Walker hasn’t been kind & he doesn’t have the charisma to offset his physical disabilities.

I’m hoping people will start aiming cash at Jindal, so he hits the big time, which puts him as a possibility in my book.  As it stands right now, all he has is a website that touts him as an up & coming columnist.  Meaning, that’s his only avenue of getting a message out.  Which doesn’t bode well for a Bobby Jindal run.  Also, & I’m not sure about this, anyone associated with Louisiana may be tainted by their pathetic corruption issues, big money’s eyes.

If I had a score sheet, which I don’t, I’d have to say Rand Paul has the best profile of all of them so far, even with a ridiculous foreign policy stance. No foreign policy stance is better than a stupid one.

On another note, I’ve heard Romney may be “called to serve again” by Establishment Star Chambers, if Jeb bottoms out.  Which is a big possibility – & I do mean bottoming out, instead of cruising in the middle lane.  If that happens, Romney won’t be holding the door for Rubio anymore.  Which has been an odd pairing, since Rubio did indeed convert to Mormonism & then waggle back to the Roman Church, after using the Mormons to establish himself, gain contacts & clout.  Burnishing a 3rd rate Cuban heritage.  However; Romney is a well bred Mormon & they don’t necessarily keep a set stance on those that have previously been offensive in some way.

Of all of them, Jindal has the best credentials in my book.  A credible governor who doesn’t identify as a skin color & who is absolutely articulate & fair-minded.  Definitely not Establishment sell-out material.

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