Greedy liberal-biased serial embellisher Brian Williams wants his 10 million per year payout & is threatening a fight

I had always thought that, even though the former NBC News anchor Williams was completely liberal biased, in the most obvious way, constantly – that he was a nice & humble guy.  That’s his appearance anyway, which duped his fans & liberals nation-wide all these years since Brokaw retired.  However, he’s threatening a fight despite being being shamed as a complete liar & exaggerator.

Claire Atkinson reports,

As talks between Williams and Comcast’s NBCUniversal unit heat up, Williams is believed to be trying to ensure that he is entitled to a payout under the five-year $10-million-per-year deal he signed last year.

“They are not going to give him an opportunity to do an Ann Curry,” said a source familiar with news management.’

Personally, I’m not sympathetic with the liberal mainstream media.  But, despite their lack of journalist perspective & if I were them; I would counter sue using Williams’ own egregious actions as a buffer against any coercive action he takes.  But that’s just me.  Even though it’s a lot of cash, that would be tagged in their news budget, corporations love to settle.  To shut everyone’s mouths up tight.

The fact that nothing he’s ever said could ever be seen as being accurate, even from a Liberal’s (Democrat) mindset, is a completely separate issue.  As different as a marriage is different than the process of divorce.  It’s all about the money now & Williams has probably taken out loans, with the assumption of an intact contract with NBCUniversal.

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