Film Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron – Heroic cavalcade against overwhelming odds with one big flaw

Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Director, Joss Whedon.  It really was a great film, right from the start.  The cast was in good form & the action started mid-sequence during a preliminary adventure.  The perfect re-creation of a graphic novel.  Though Ruffalo, playing Hulk,  is past his prime by many years & is really not the best actor on the block & even though I have a problem with the faux-star Renner; it’s a raucous adventure, with a seemingly unassailable opponent, expertly voiced by & modeled after James Spader.

Whedon seemed to keep Downey Jr. in check, muting any attempts at stealing the show so that the cast performance as a whole was evenly balanced.  Smallish flashbacks with several of the superheros wasn’t necessarily the best idea, making it a bit smarmy, but I did agree that the inserted character development helped the film to be bigger.  Not everyone is clued in to the if’s &’s or but’s of the Marvel universe, so it was important to make the film a standalone project.  Without the assumption that the audience is going to already understand the separate dramas.

Except, Ruffalo’s vacuous attempt at expressive the Hulk’s sulking & ongoing drama of why-am-I-such-a-danger-to-people.

I definitively did not like the idiotic inclusion of scenes with Jeremy Renner’s character interacting with his family.  There is nothing tender or familial about this idiot.  He’s a fill-in star, unable to ever be solely top-billed & be able to draw a crowd.  He’s just there, going through the motions of what others have done in the past.  While others just ignore this pestiferous nodule, I do tend to point him out, like a bottle bug that’s landed on a dinner plate.  Something that’s spent time chewing on road kill.

The special effects (VFX) did the now usual thing of turning the film into almost a kaleidoscope of action & visuals.

My recommendation to see the film relies on the talents of the rest of the cast & the film as a whole.  Which made the flaws that I’ve rightly pointed out, irrelevant.  Most people will be able to ignore the horrible portrayals of Hawkeye & the Hulk.  A party is going to be a blast, whether there’s a couple of idiots drooling in a corner or not.

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