Empty assertions swirl & spew out of the mouths of US Democrats (Liberals) every day

Frankly, it astounds me nowadays to see the plethora of logical fallacy & empty assertions that now exist in our altered society, here in the American Republic.  Corrupted & dirtied by Democrats with the blessing of their collaborating opposition of Republicans.

With the Spokane NAACP chapter head’s shocking pretense of being a black woman, when she’s actually whiter than snow & Bruce Jenner’s lifelong gender confusion that he’s actually a woman when he’s really a man; we see the real life consequences of the Democrats’ free-for-all ideology.  Anything goes.  Definitions don’t matter as long as it makes you happy & content with your lot in life.  Even foreigners resident in our country say they’re Americans, when they definitely are not.

It’s social corruption, pure & simple.  The collapse of the nation continues as fantasy takes the day.  All one has to do is claim & insist that something is so, to make it so.

Where is the leadership of a rational human?  Someone to say, stop the nonsense.  Someone to point at something that is a joke & say that it is a joke.  Someone who isn’t afraid of the words of the weak.  Someone who actually hates corruption & decline.

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