Subtly paranoid Futurist predicts the supplantation of man by artificial intelligence

I love these futurists, especially the older ones, who won’t be alive if they’re proven wrong.  They take a specific & build a conclusion with constructed logic.  If they were mostly right, we’d all be in private air cars or portable airplanes now, flying to & from the grocer & our usual personal communication would via video phone.  Oh, & we’d be suffering from a new ice age.

The reality is somewhere way below their expectations & conspiracy-laden paranoia.  Obviously, advancements in intelligence will result in it being used to run our appliances & schedule our doggy poop pickup times.  We might even have some fine robots to clean the toilet & take care of the brats when they cry.  AI will most certainly be used, in a century, as a client between ourselves & our technologies.

Humans are strange creatures.  We don’t like competition.  It’s always, always, always relegated to servitude, slavery or extinction.  This has been shown over & over again, century after century. Why, people in their rush to the grave want to think we are actually capable of replacement, is beyond me.  What these doomsayers truly are, are lame poets.  Playing a sad tune.  Cue the violins.

As the tools in our lives become more complicated, AI will be used to coordinate it, as liaison.  Even as calculators, PC’s & simple remote control devices coordinate the technologies we are within & without.  The difference in the future will be that AI will listen to, calculate & anticipate our needs.  Making the less than intelligent very comfortable & the rest of the population freer to create, research, work & advance toward the far off inevitability of ascension to another state of existence.

Oops!  Am I revealed as yet another futurist?  Perhaps.  However; I prefer to remain grounded in real time logic & the human experience.

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  1. It is a provocative scenario–a future in which humans are replaced by robots endowed with artificial intelligence. As Marc Winger suggests, it does have a slightly paranoid feel to it. And as he also rightly points out, history is replete with examples of competition being a motive for war, genocide, and extinction of competing homo sapiens and, in the possible case of Neanderthals, of other species occupying the same ecological niche. Historically, technological advances have all too often meant more efficiency is wiping out or enslaving human competitors. Perhaps the most dramatic example of this being the development and employment of the atomic bomb. In fact, a technological war has been going on for some time, not only against competing humans, but against other species that threaten human health, life, and supremacy on the planet. Just think for example of the war on sundry disease organisms: plague, small pox, cholera, Yellow fever, malaria, and influenza. Or consider the technology devoted to weed and pest control. Another way of looking at the desire to eliminate competing organisms is that it is driven by an equal desire to make life better for one’s own group of organisms.

    I cannot imagine a realistic scenario in which humans as individuals or groups would prefer to have the mortal housing of their own intelligence, however imperfect, replaced by manufactured intelligence. A more likely scenario is for humans to continue to make technological advances in the area of artificial intelligence in order to improve their own lives and those of others with whom they are identified. This motive, of course, will never rule out the temptation to use that artificial intelligence for the in-group benefit at the expense of competing out-groups However, as one more poetically inclined, I confess to limited knowledge of this particular subject..