I’m really not obsessed with Black issues but…

In the Liberals’ president Obama’s America his divisiveness, personal tendency to weigh in on every little thing & the false narratives & empty activism of his dupes has made Blacks an issue every single day.  At least it seems so.  Though there are other things going on in the world that are actually important & of consequence.

I wonder, if there are Blacks that are actually sick of all the nonsense.  Being told there are bogeymen around every corner, who are most likely white.

During times of strife, real or perceived, all sorts of monsters come out of the woodwork.  It bears thinking about.  Who are these people who want to wipe whites out & blame them for every little old thing?  Seems to me, before Obama ascended like an angel to the White House, that things were going pretty good with race relations.  Except for the inequities of Affirmative Action & the negative results of the Democrats’ political correctness.

Nothing is forever, even the pause in commonsense.  We’ll all have to wait until the Democrats are ejected from power, once & for all.

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  1. You might not be obsessed with them, but those who do those things damned sure are obsessed with you. I simply can not and will not participate in the “conscious/pro-Black”, or for that matter, ANY identity movement; it’s all about getting paternalistic attention, and being petted like some stray puppy.

    • I might not but I have had to put my white hat on & defend & return volley. Sort of in the way of male orderlies that come to take certain people away to be permanently institutionalized.

      Some people are just nuts, if they want to wear their race on their sleeve & use it as a weapon, nowadays they end up in a really bad place.