Greece votes No & is now well on its way to its new designation as a Failed State

Greece has decided a No Vote on EU Euro debt structure agreements, at their PM’s behest.  Insulting Germany, their biggest debt holder, calling them Nazis & terrorists is the theme today as the Greeks say they’re voting for “freedom”.  So, while the rest of the world is appalled at the absolute & unequivocal stupidity of Greeks, their government, their pundits & experts in this shameless denial of reality, the Greeks are partying today & going back to their tendency to do absolutely nothing but drink, drink coffee, eat & sleep.  Confident that their entitlements will be taken care of by their government.

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  1. it amazes me how stupid people can be. Cant wait to see what is going to happen with Greece next, who will they blame next on the problems they created for themselves.

    • Insulting people that you owe money is never a good indication of intelligence. They’re going down, down, down. But what else is new! The reverberations will be contained.