Political cornering, conservative outlook, second installment

Aside from the fact that a lot of his decisions bespeak a lack of acting on previously stated conservative principles & some of his votes & support actually has been in obvious collaboration with Obama, even though being absent for a vote would have been a better idea; I have decided to support Lindsey Graham as the best possible candidate for the nomination.   For now.

Further; other than the above facts & obvious failings, he would make the perfect American president.  He does have the credentials, the clout, the foreign policy know how & presidential aura necessary to carry off a valid presidency.

Of course, I don’t think all the Republican candidates & hopefuls would make a good president or nominee.  A lot of them are just feckless, stupid men (& a sharp tongued woman with no real corporate success to actually recommend her [Fiorina]).

Jeb is unconscionable, Rubio is a bit of a flake & is totally artless, Christie is a bumbling bombast & dull blade, Ted Cruz seems to have disappeared from the public eye after managing to stay in the limelight for so long (He’s my second choice, even though he hasn’t had any accomplishments except good taste in boots & slacks) & frankly, Walker is a non-personality (at least, that’s the way he comes across) who’s been a good governor but has a negative rating on the charisma scale as well as one of the worst haircuts on the planet (I’m surprised his head doesn’t cant to the left & he would do well to wear sunglasses most of the time to hide those tiny piglet-eyes).  Sorry!  Unless one has something else to recommend you; appearance becomes a big factor.  Example (just one): Ross Perot’s appearance as a whining little dwarf was negated by his personality, general presence, wealth & message.

Okay, Mr. Graham.  Show us what you’ve got!

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