Racism in America: the reality

The New York Times constantly runs articles about racism, with thousands of race cards flying in the air.  The liberal-biased rag is an example of why liberals, black & white, think there’s a problem with race.  Of course, there’s going to be a racial incident once in a while, but that happens with everyone.  Every single person can indeed wonder why people don’t like them.

When people are expecting racism & look around every corner for it, they’re going to find something that fits that bill.  If you’re a black kid, looking like a thug, standing on a corner with a bunch of friends, what is the mainstream & its law enforcement to think?  There are several issues & examples of this. I guess people don’t care to continue integrating anymore.

The conservative half of the country doesn’t care about any of this, we’re just continuing on while Democrats, Socialists & Liberals all work their voters up to a frenzy.  Sad.  Destructive & disingenuous.

It’s really not any more complicated than this.

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