Some brief Friday thoughts about this & that, namely Biden & echoes of an explosion in China

VP Biden really isn’t a threat to Hillary or anyone, as he’s polling only about 13% nationally.  Let’s face it.  Whether or not he’s an actual intellect to some degree or another, he comes across as an imbecile & strange.  Perhaps, this public persona that he’s groomed developed over the years; isn’t serving him so well in the consideration to run for president in response to Hillary’s campaign implosion little by little, scandal by scandal.  The bad blood between the Obamas & the Clintons aside, sending him into the ring might be a waste of time & one needs resources to get a message out.  Money.  The donors are all spoken for.

But this is the part of the campaign cycle where some people will believe anything & where the lesser pundits spew their nonsense; claiming that because he’s a sitting vice president that the Democrat National Committee will automatically throw their support behind him, along with the liberal electorate.  One can’t make such a stubborn & imbecilic judgment.  As the tempest in a teacup & hoopla surrounding Trump & his big mouth recedes, it’s easier to see the real people that are considering a challenge to shrill Hillary.

Meanwhile, I did peruse a few things about that catastrophic explosion in Tianjin, China.  Which has killed 50 people & injured at least 700.  The reason why they’ve called in major agencies to investigate, including the IAEA Beijing office, is because of the toxic chemicals that were involved.  Including cyanide nitrates.  Basically; this is a really big, corrupt storage of toxic & flammables in one place.  Something happened to ignite it all & the obvious potential consequences.

Did I mention that the servers that Hillary was required to turn over the Dept of Justice, via the FBI – were wiped clean?  It amazes me that Liberals actually think that a woman with an entire history of unethical behavior & dishonesty would make a good president.  Aside from the fact that she doesn’t stand a chance against anyone, least of all the array of dynamic Republicans arrayed against the Democrats.  It’s not even a case of, “we’ll see”.  It’s obvious.  She’s factually, already been the worst candidate the Democrats have ever had.  Starting & stopping her campaign launch, having lunch.  Trying to attract anyone to her speeches – & then going for lunch.  Go figure.  It must surely gall Democrats, Liberals & Socialist.

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