Compromiser & weakling Speaker Boehner resigns

Speaker Boehner thought that the institution of Congress needed protecting.  He said that was his main role.  Idiot.  It didn’t need his protection, it needed him to use the power that the Congress was endowed with by the founders.  Also, he just implied that reaching out & compromising with the Left was also his role.  It was not.  He knows that for a fact because his promises implied that he knew that in the first place!

The Left is scared now.  They were used to Boehner.  A new Speaker might present Obama with a bill that needs signing & might say that’s all he’s going to get to “keep the government running” & if he doesn’t want to sign it then it won’t run.  Unlike Boehner who lacked the spine to use the power he possessed.

Screw that Cry Baby!  What an embarrassment & a failure he has been.  A liar!

Boehner didn’t use the power that was given to him by Conservatives.  That’s why he’s gone.  He lied &  didn’t keep the promises that kept the Speaker’s gavel in his hand.

I’m happy Speaker Boehner is resigning.

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