Speaker Boehner delayed vote because…

I’ve given it a couple of hours of thought & Paul Ryan wouldn’t be too bad as Speaker of the House.  He doesn’t really have to be an orator, which he’s not capable of being.  My dream Speaker would be Newt Gingrich again because a speaker doesn’t need to be a member of the House.  But there are those who have never gotten over his ancient infidelity issue, even though it’s water under the bridge.  Self righteous hypocrites would be a barrier in any Gingrich bid.

Trey Gowdy is a champion, but he’s still developing gravitas.  I’m hoping he evolves enough to run for president after this next eight year US Republican tenure in the White House.

I’m sorry to be so hard on Mr. Ryan, but I was a wallflower in the 1970’s & pulled out of it so I’m biased against those who have less than average speaking skills.

Speaker Boehner is right to have delayed a vote.  No one would have gotten a nomination after McCarthy’s big surprise.  Too bad McCarthy couldn’t have given everyone a weekend to gather their sticks & knives.  But, methinks McCarthy is a big GOP California drama queen lite, who periodically has introspection spells.

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