Lately I’ve been confronted by people pushing Socialism as if it’s a good & misunderstood thing

As an American, who was born during the height of & growing up in the middle of the Cold War, I know exactly what Socialism, Communism & Fascism are in their reprehensible glories.  When I hear & am confronted by people that have either an agenda to refurbish or a complete ignorance of Socialism & it’s attendant subsidiary levels, I do not bother to waste my time in discussion.

Also, as a clue to my friends overseas; one of the reasons why America doesn’t want adopt or eschews European values, especially during our election cycles, is because of Europe’s embrace of Marxist Socialism-lite & the practice of sprinkling a bit of capitalism in it to make it palatable; letting the US carry the load of consumerism & all in defense of the West.  Let’s be clear.  If not for the consumerism/capitalist economy of the US, Europe’s economies would not exist in periodic prosperity & if not for America’s power & defense of the West, Europe wouldn’t have been able to afford their pathetic, entitlement-laden, Socialist, national infrastructures.  Otherwise known as Social Democracies.  So, yes; I do know what Socialism is, as does any true American whose view isn’t clouded with Leftist stupidity.

I remember the Soviets very well & I know what Socialism does to people.

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